¿De qué va esto?

¿De qué va esto?
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jueves, 14 de septiembre de 2017
Hace unos dos meses os hable de historias cortas en ingles muy básico para los que se quieren iniciar. Hoy, os vuelvo hablar de historias cortas sencillas en ingles (algo más largas que las anteriores), pero esta vez sobre un personaje muy peculiar y reconocido a lo largo de los años: Sherlock Holmes. Para el asombro de muchos, yo no me adentrado en ninguna historia de este famosos detective, y al leer estas pequeñas historias me ha entrado ganas de leer una novela completa suya. Ya que en estas historias eres consciente de lo sumamente inteligente y meticuloso que es Holmes, sin embargo en una historia original la percepción sera mucho más.Además, he visto por ahí que hay una serie que a mucha gente le gusta. Así de momento me declaro fan de Sherlock Holmes, y no cabe duda que ampliare mi horizonte sobre esta obra.

This legend has been passing from age to age of Baskervilles family. Once upon a time two hundreds year ago or more at Bakervilles Hall near bog was living Sir Hugo Baskervilles. He was an aristrocrat, alcoholic and rowly. Once he was killing by a big black dog with shining eyes and mouth nearby of bogs. This dog punished his evil. Since than a lot of Baskervilles had passed away from dog´s jaws. Two hundred years later Hugo´s descendant named Sir Charles Baskervilles has gone out in the evening for a walk in his park. Nobody saw him alive anymore. He died from the heart attack. Around his body were a lot of dog´s tracks, but he never walked near bog´s, because was afraid by the ghost of dog, he knew about Baskervilles legend very well. Put a point in this deadly history would try Sherlock Holmes.

It happed in spring when Sherlock was walking in the park with his friend Watson. Holmes suffered from tedium without work. At that time at Sherlock’s house had come strange guest and forgot his pipe. Returned home and looked at this thing, Holmes described this person exactly he was. His strange visitor was Mr. Grant Munro, he was a merchant of tobacco. Once his wife Effie went out, and returned very pale and panted. Munro didn’t know what Effie did at the highway at 3 a.m. He asked Holms to looked into this case because thought that his wife deceived him. She had been from America and had a husband and a daughter. But they had died.

While the Dr. Watson got married and engaged in private medical practice, to Sherlock Holmes for help addressed German aristocrat who conceal their origin from the detective. But Holmes wasn’t difficult to immediately expose him. Count Von Kramm’s problem was that he was going to marry, and the woman with whom he had a love affair before, blackmailed him. She was charming opera singer and had a photo where they were together with him. The King’s agents have tried to searched photo, but couldn’t find. All hope of Sherlock Holmes, otherwise the wedding will be able to fail. To carry out the task will have to be reincarnated as a groom for penetrate into the house of blackmailer.

Colonel Elias Openshaw has been a large planter in the South of U.S. But he returned at motherland, to England after war. Elias used to be brave and determined, but he become horrified, when received an envelope with letters “K.K.K.” on it, and inside was nothing but the five orange pips. Fourteen month later the exact same letter was send to his brother Joseph. Five days after that he died falling down from the hill and breaking his head. Almost two years left and now letter with five pips received John Openshaw the Joseph’s father.

P.D: A la próxima vez, me leeré algún libro en ingles más avanzado. Tendréis reseña en cuanto lo acabe. 

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Ailime Rol dijo...

Con mucho gusto esperaré las reseñas 💜
Ojalá mejores más y más en el inglés.

¡Un saludo!

MistikaBooks dijo...

¡Hola! Gracias por seguirme, ¡Te sigo de vuelta! ^^
Muy útil esta entrada, quiero empezar a leer más a menudo en ingles y seguro que me sirve alguno de estos libros.
Un saludo desde Mistikabooks, ¡Nos leemos!