¿De qué va esto?

¿De qué va esto?
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jueves, 13 de julio de 2017

Hace bastante tiempo os hable de varias lecturas en ingles, y os gusto bastante, como a mi el hacerlo. Así que, os traigo otra vez varias lecturas que espero que os gusten y os animéis a leer. Esta vez, he decidido a hablar de lecturas cortas, no más de 10 paginas, y con un nivel muy sencillo. Cualquiera que tenga un nivel básico va a poder entender estas historias. Además dos de ellas Cinderella (Cenicienta) y Sleeping Beauty (Bella Durmiente) son historias conocidas que os resultara aún más fácil. Sin duda, a la personas que se están adentrando en el idioma como a las que ya saben, les recomiendo que dediquen un ratillo a leerlas, ya que aprendes y refuerzas lo que sabes. En conclusión, no son historias con las mejores tramas pero para adentrarse en el idioma y pasar un buen rato es más que suficiente. 

A widowed man who had a daughter decided to get married again. He wed a woman with two daughters of her own and left to her all homemaking duties, including his only daughter's education. However, his new wife didn't take kindly to the girl and turned out to be a mean stepmother. The girl had to sleep in the attic and do the dirtiest work around the house. Sometimes she got so exhausted that she had not enough energy to walk upstairs to her sleeping place and made her bed by the fireplace where ash and cinder covered her face. Shouts from every corner of the house ‘Cinderella do this, Cinderella do that’ would never end, as her stepsisters lived in relative luxury, while she basically had to serve all three other women and suffer their mockery. But soon the situation would change. A grand ball was announced to take place at the king's palace, and all young ladies of the realm were invited...

There was a grand event in the palace. The king shared with the joyful news: he was blessed with a long- awaited daughter Aurora. There was a festive party in honor of the princess. Seven fairies were invited except the eighth one. Everybody thought she was dead. However, the uninvited guest came. Like the other guests, she got a seat at the table. But there was no golden drawer with the cutlery for her. The old fairy got angry. One of the young fairies got worried, that the offended guest would give a bad gift to the newborn. She decided to hide in the princess' room. And she was right. The eighth guest told everybody that the princess would prick her hand on a spindle and die. But the young fairy appeared and promised that the princess wouldn’t die. She would only sleep for 100 years. Then a handsome prince will be able to wake her up.

Ronald Torbay is a killer. He committed his second murder. Ronald is a middle-aged man. He moved to a new place. Now he lives there with his third wife. Nobody knows who they are. It's a perfect place for a murder. His plan is simple: he uses a false name and goes at the weekend there where nobody knows him. Then he finds a middle-aged woman who has a lot of money. But she has neither family nor friends. Unfortunately, it is not difficult to find such a lady nowadays. He offers her to marry him. The next step is to murder his wife and get her fortune. The murders look like accidents. Usually the murders happen in the bathroom. Ronald decided not to change his previous plan. Will everything go as smoothly as before? Ronald has never fallen in love with his victims.

Once there was a strong and clever king in one country. He was unhappy because the citizens of his country were wrongdoers. The king thought for a long a time how he could change his folk for the better. One day good idea crossed his mind. He built a big and nice stadium. It contained five thousand people. They thought it had been created for having a good time. They were wrong. There were two blue doors in the stadium. Behind one door there was a tiger. Behind the other one there was a beautiful lady. Since that time someone, who did something wrong, would have to go the stadium. There he would make a choice and open one door. He would either be eaten or get married to the lady. People were scared. The wrongdoers had to be very careful. Can people change? 

When I married my second wife Emily, I moved to her house in Northern California. It is a big house with a lot of land around it. It is outside a small town. The next house is almost exactly the same. It belongs to Emily's sister Millicent. Millicent and Emily. The sisters. But their appearances and character are completely different. Millicent is tall and rather thin. She is very strong-minded and likes to control everyone around her, including Emily. She wasn't too pleased when I came and took Emily away from her influence. But at that time I already knew how to solve the problem. In spite of her difficult nature Millicent is still one of the closest people to my Emily. So it's necessary for me to get along with her. That is what I have decided. Unfortunately a third person comes into action and ruins my plans.

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Emmanuel Chávez dijo...

Esta entrada me viene perfecta justo ahora, estoy comenzado a leer en ingles y me la paso buscando historias cortas como esta. Yo igual te recomiendo alguna, que sobrepasa las 10 páginas, pero bueno... The Worst Whitch♥